Mommy & Me

Capture your tots’ curiosity as he or she learns yoga through social interaction and play. Our Yoga Tots class combines yoga poses with songs and games to promote parent-child connection and overall well-being. Tots also improve motor skills while increasing their attention span. For parent and child.

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Little Yogis

A fun-filled Little Yogis class for our yogis 3 -6 years old that blends yoga, play, dance, music and drama! Class includes variations on traditional yoga postures that help children develop physical strength, flexibility, emotional calm, and self-expression while increasing their concentration, self-esteem, and creativity.

Children naturally imitate things around them, and the yoga exercises & games practiced in this class will stimulate their imagination (imitating animals & objects); along with enhancing physical and neurological skills. The poses & breathing exercises will teach children to stretch & strengthen every part of their body, increasing body awareness and learning techniques for settling down.

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YogAmazing is an innovative class geared towards our Amazing Yogis 6- 10 years old. Sequence will include both dynamic and slower paced yoga postures, breathing exercises and will end with a guided final relaxation. This class is for active children who love to use their bodies, be silly and try new things. And for the child who may not be that active or athletic, but will find success in yoga and exercise while making new friends. The focus of this class is improved concentration, posture, flexibility, strength, and coordination while learning the techniques to calm their mind.

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Girl Time Yoga (8-13 yrs)

The ages of 8-13 can be quite difficult for our girls. Many girls at this age struggle with body image, self-esteem and identity issues. This yoga class will provide our tween girls with a safe environment, encouraging them to be themselves and explore the health benefits of yoga. Girl Time Yoga will focus on empowering our girls and leading by example to show them how to live a healthy life, one where we accept our imperfections and have fun learning to approach life with a sense of balance, patience and humor. We can learn and grow together as we explore Yoga.

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Tweens and Teens Yoga (11 -14 yrs)

In this class tweens & teens will learn techniques to navigate the stresses of daily life, honor their body and calm their mind. The physical postures, voluntary regulation of breathing, visual focus exercises, and games will improve kids ability to control their body & mind. It provides them tools to deal with situations such as exams, spelling tests, being bullied, tension, headaches and anger, and of course performing or presenting to their peers and parents in a positive way. We will learn classical yoga postures and combine them into sequences. Interactive games and challenges are included each week. Class ends with a “guided relaxation” allowing us to feel refreshed afterward.

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Smiling Hearts Yoga

A unique program designed to enhance emotional calm, social skills, muscle tone & flexibility. In this structured class kids will be learning about yoga poses, breathing exercises, visual imagery and relaxation techniques while conveying lessons in self-confidence, self-esteem, social skills and positive thinking. They will learn to tune their mind with awareness and compassion to develop physical, emotional and social intelligence. Perfect for kids with anxiety, over-sensitivity to environmental stimulation, hyperactive, impulsive behavior, learning & eating disorders.

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Family Yoga (All Ages)

An hour full of yoga poses, games, stories, partner poses and relaxation. Family yoga is a fun, creative way of getting children and parents to interact in a positive, safe environment while building strength, flexibility & self – confidence.

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